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The Art of Zowie – Echuca Wedding Photographer bio picture
  • Hi, I’m Zowie

    I love all things creative and crafty, including patchwork, cooking, crocheting and of course Photography.
    I love capturing special stories. It may be a grand daughter sharing a special story with her grand mother, the special moments on a wedding day or treasured family moments.
    Photographs are so important and are something that are treasured for many years to come.
    I am based in Mathoura, which is located between Echuca and Deniliquin, but will travel to any destination to capture your special memories......
    I look forward to hearing from you X

Clarke and Loretta- The Watershed Moama

The Story of Loretta and Clarke
Loretta and Clarke met through mutual friends at the Kalgoorlie Cup about 4 years ago. The next night, Loretta cooked a roast dinner for Clarke. Three weeks later it was Loretta’s birthday. Loretta organised a dinner with Clarke and a group of friends to celebrate, but she did not tell Clarke that it was her birthday. As soon as Clarke realised the significance of the date he rushed out of the restaurant and bought Loretta some flowers and Pandora jewellery. Obviously Loretta was thrilled with this and they have been together ever since!
A year later Clarke proposed to Loretta when holidaying in Tasmania.
Clarke asked Loretta to walk up a mountain at Devil’s Gullet in Tasmania. Loretta was not particularly happy about doing this as she did not have her walking shoes on and it was blowing a gale. Clarke was insistent they walk up the mountain. He found a sheltered alcove on the cliff face with beautiful views where he asked Loretta to marry him.
Clarke excelled in choosing a ring for Loretta. The ring which was purchased from Chappuis Jewellers in Minnesota US, features a 1.2 carat diamond in the middle and 5 diamonds on either side of the ring. After the proposal they went back down the mountain and celebrated with their family.
Loretta and Clarke’s Wedding Day
Loretta and Clarke got married at the Deelux River Spa in Moama on the Murray River. Even though they live in Kalgoorlie, Loretta and Clarke chose to get married in Moama as they wanted their family and friends to experience the beautiful scenery and ambiance this part of Australia offers.
The weather was changeable on their wedding day and they literally experienced rain, hail and shine. Luckily the weather cleared up in time to take photos of the wedding party.
Mac and Mills Event Styling and Hire set up the wedding event which meant that Loretta and Clarke could spend a lot more time with their family and friends. Sadly Loretta’s uncle passed away two days before the wedding, but Loretta said that at least he was able to look over their wedding day without being in any pain or discomfort.
Loretta described her wedding day as ‘magical’ and her dream day. They had a 22 foot marquee, fires were set up on the river bank and they even had a love bug caravan set up as a bar.
Guests enjoyed food such as pulled pork burgers, bruschetta, pork belly skewers, spring rolls and curry and rice. For dessert, cupcakes in flavours such as red velvet, caramel and cookies and cream were supplied by JD Cakes.
The four bridesmaids carried baby’s breath wrapped in hessian, whilst Loretta’s bouquet featured lilies, roses and baby’s breath. Also, Loretta pinned her grandmother’s 100 year old broach and a photo of her uncle to the bouquet.
Loretta wore a dress designed by Peter Trends from Aubery Rose in Perth. This company was recently in the media for giving away some dresses to brides who would otherwise not been able to afford them. This was Aubery Rose’s way of giving back to the community.
Loretta’s dress had lace on the sleeves and cuffs and then tulle to the bottom of the dress. This was actually the second wedding dress that Loretta purchased as when she was shopping with her bridesmaids for their dresses she couldn’t resist buying this dress.
After the wedding, Loretta wasn’t sure what to do with the dress so it is now hanging in the Lion’s Den hotel in Queensland covered in paint after the paint balling tournament that Loretta was involved in the day after her wedding.
Loretta and Clarke danced the night away to the sultry sounds of ‘Essence Duo.’
After the wedding Clarke and Loretta spent six weeks in Cape York.

About My Photography
‘We had seen Zowie’s work before so we didn’t hesitate hiring her as our wedding photographer. Our only concern was that we would not give Zowie an adequate list of all the photos that we wanted of the day. As it turned out we needn’t have worried as Zowie captured all of the photos that we wanted and many more.
Zowie is amazing and when we saw her photos our instant reaction was ‘wow.’ Zowie is a total professional but yet she is so relaxed. As Zowie was so familiar with the area around Moama she was able to take us to all the best spots for photos.
We have already recommended Zowie to everyone we know.’


Aaron and Peta

The Story of Peta and Aaron
Peta and Aaron were introduced by mutual friends at a pub in Albury. They decided to meet up again for an informal date. At this date, Aaron was keen to show off his new house to Peta. Aaron is a builder so he was understandably very proud of his new house. Soon after this Aaron moved to Kalgoorlie for more than 6 months, to pursue additional career opportunities. Peta and Aaron knew their love was strong as they still had a thriving relationship after only seeing each other once whilst Aaron was living in Kalgoorlie.
Throughout their relationship Peta had often joked with Aaron that she didn’t expect a grand proposal where a diamond ring was presented. Instead she joked- ‘why don’t you just ask me to marry me with a pretzel or a burger ring.’ Aaron followed Peta’s suggestion and attached a lolly ring to the collar of their pet dog, Auggie. Aaron then followed Auggie into the house and asked Peta to marry him. Soon after this Peta and Aaron chose a proper engagement ring from Prouds the Jewellers in Kalgoorlie.

Peta and Aaron’s Wedding Day
In one sense Peta and Aaron’s wedding day was a bit of a litany of unfortunate events. You see, when Peta was getting into her wedding gown some of the buttons started popping off as they had not been sewed on properly. Also just before Peta and Aaron’s wedding, their home town Deniliquin encountered major flooding. This was a bit of a disaster for Peta and Aaron’s wedding plans as they had booked the Boat Club as their reception venue. They needed to change their reception venue so it was decided that they would get married in the garden at their new house. As there was no trees to provide shade in the garden, Peta and Aaron put up marquees in their back yard. Unfortunately, just as Peta and Aaron were exchanging their wedding vows the wind started to get strong and the marquees were threatening to blow away. To make matters worse during the ceremony the music failed to play through the celebrant’s system. Then Aaron realised that he forgot to pick up the rings before the ceremony! Finally when the band started to play during the reception the electricity went out.
None of these events really mattered though as Peta and Aaron continued to enjoy their wedding day and their family and friends came together to help them celebrate the love that they share. In fact the mini disasters just added to the community spirit of the wedding. One of Peta and Aaron’s new neighbours came over and leant a hand when he realised that the marquee was threatening to blow away in the wind and one of their wedding guests who is an electrician used his expertise to get the power restored to the grounds.

The wedding guests enjoyed rustic and wholesome food at the informal wedding. Perhaps one of the culinary highlights was the cupcakes and ice cream served with strawberry syrup that was actually made by the bride. Peta, who is clearly very capable and creative even made her own broach bouquet. This was made using silk peonies and then decorated with broaches given to her by family members. This unique bouquet also allowed Peta to incorporate the something borrowed and something new tradition into her wedding day.
Peta and Aaron celebrated their marriage by holidaying in Torquay in Victoria for a few days.

About my Photography
‘The thing that we liked most about Zowie’s photography was the way she could identify what scenes would make a good photo. She didn’t really make us pose for photos, but instead was very flexible and happy to be spontaneous and bring to life any ideas that we had about the photography. Zowie is approachable, authentic and extremely easy going. She was able to joke around with us and also kept her composure when things did not go to plan at the wedding!’



Chris and Dani- Billabong Ranch Echuca Wedding

The Story of Dani and Chris
Dani and Chris met through a mutual friend. They had their first date at the Port of Echuca when they went out for a romantic dinner. Sometime later Dani and Chris went to America for a holiday. Whilst in Louisiana, Chris asked Dani if she would marry him. Dani immediately said yes. Dani described this as being her perfect marriage proposal as it was understated and relaxed just like Chris is. You see if Chris had planned a very public and outlandish proposal this would not have been authentic to his personality. Apart from asking Dani’s father for his blessing, Chris did not tell anyone that he was planning to propose to Dani. Chris must have been relatively confident about receiving a positive response from Dani as he was able to present her with an engagement ring straight away.

Dani and Chris’s Wedding Day
Dani and Chris’s wedding day was very relaxed and chilled out. The weather was a perfect spring day which was very lucky as the days before and after their wedding day were rainy and miserable. Dani and Chris’s wedding day was at the Billabong Ranch in Echuca. It was a big country affair with 150 guests where hay bales were used for seating and people sat under large gum trees instead of shade sails.
Dani arrived at Billabong Ranch in a horse drawn carriage with her 6 bridesmaids and her dad. As you can imagine this was a very special and beautiful moment. Dani shunned tradition by choosing to walk down the aisle with both her mum and dad. She did this as her parents are equally influential and important to her.
In keeping with their country themed wedding they chose to have a ranch style menu with hearty food where the sticky date pudding for dessert was the highlight. They also had a magnificent three tier cake where one layer was chocolate, one was caramel and one was a white chocolate mud cake. The flowers that were used as decoration and in the bouquets were supplied and arranged by Wallingford Flowers and they complimented the bridesmaid’s dresses beautifully.
Dani and Chris wrote their own wedding vows for each other which was really special. The words that the couple wrote were so heartfelt that by the end of the ceremony half of the guests were crying. In fact, even the celebrant was crying!
Dani and Chris chose to visit America again for their honeymoon. They flew into Nashville and spent time in Georgia and Orlando. They then went on a 7 day cruise around the Caribbean where they ate delicious food and sipped on cocktails.

About My Photography
‘Before I booked Zowie I was worried about choosing a wedding photographer who would ask me to spend my whole wedding day posing for the camera. We are so glad that we booked Zowie to photograph our wedding as she was not only efficient but also chilled out and relaxed. She did not once make us uncomfortable by asking us to pose for endless photos. In every photo we are laughing and happy and that is thanks to Zowie’s vibrant and witty personality. If we are fortunate enough to have a family one day we would definitely ask Zowie to take family photos for us as she made us feel so comfortable and special.’ Dani xo


Amy and Ben- The Woolshed Shepparton Wedding

The Story of Amy and Ben
Amy and Ben were childhood sweethearts. They attended the same high school but didn’t really get to know each other until they were about 14. Ben was a good football player and Amy used to cheer him on from the sidelines, even though at that stage Ben didn’t actually know who Amy was. Soon after this they started getting to know each other and then had their first official date during a recess or lunchtime at their high school, no doubt surrounded by jealous but intrigued teenagers!
After many visits to each other’s houses and a plethora of romantic love letters their relationship really blossomed and six years later Ben decided to propose to Amy. They were holidaying in Bali and Ben went down on one knee and told Amy that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Amy readily accepted the proposal and in August this year they formalised their love by getting married.
Amy and Ben’s Wedding Day
Amy is descended from an Italian family so she had to curb her and her family’s natural desire to have a massive wedding. Instead they had a reasonably big wedding with 120 of their closest family and friends. The weather on their wedding day was superb for a winter’s day and the sun was shining all day. There had been rain in the week preceding the wedding day which meant that everything was green and vibrant.
Amy described her wedding day as being everything that she ever hoped for and more. She got to marry the man of her dreams on what she describes as her perfect day. Amy and Ben got married at St Brendan’s Church in Notre Dame and then had the reception at The Woolshed at Emerald Bank. Of course, as they had a lot of Italians at the wedding the food was amazing and featured cuisine such as Beef Wellington and Tiramisu!
After their wedding they went on a 10 night cruise to New Caledonia.
About My Photography
‘One of the things that was very important to us was making sure that our grandparents felt like they were a major part of our day. Zowie knew this and as soon as she arrived at the church she asked ‘where is the famous Nonna?’ Throughout the day Zowie made sure that our grandparents were captured and featured throughout the day.
Zowie has a very natural vibe about her that makes you feel instantly happy and comfortable. In fact we did not stop laughing and smiling all day! We chose Zowie as our wedding photographer as my best friend also had her as a wedding photographer. We were so impressed with Zowie then that we made sure we booked her 2 years in advance so that she would definitely be available for our wedding day. ‘
Amy and Ben